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Wayne Miller Roofing

Just give us the first check and we’ll take it from there.

Pay us in full and we’ll install your roof immediately.

We’re the best commercial roofing company in Ohio.

The last thing you want as a business owner is to get ripped off. Do the sentences above ring a bell? These are lies and promises commonly made by roofing scams.

Too often, scammers take the deposit check and run away. They make quotes that just keep on going up. Sometimes, unscrupulous contractors offer special deals but leave your commercial roof in a bad state. You end up paying more at the end of the day.

Scammers in the roofing industry are typical nowadays. You see, we simply live in a world with people we can and cannot trust. This is why it’s best to keep your guard up at all times as a business owner.

If you’re from the state of Ohio, you’re probably searching for the best Ohio commercial roofing company to install your new roof or repair an old one. Consider WM Roofing as one of your possible options.

We prepared this guide to show you reasons why you should choose us to handle your commercial roof.

1. Established in the roofing industry for over 10 years.

Years of experience is perhaps one of the indicators of a reputable and established company. If a commercial roofing company has stood the test of time and endured several storms, it will more likely be here to stay in the future.

WM Roofing has been servicing commercial roofs of business owners for more than 10 years. Are you a business owner who wants the best return on investment from a roofing job?


You don’t need to be smart to figure out that roofing companies that have been around for years have gone through trial and error and mastered the most efficient ways of handling roof repairs, installations, and restorations.

Not only are our roofers are licensed and insured to meet basic requirements. They’ve also gained valuable work experiences over the years.

2. Protection from the top for many years to come.

As the best Ohio commercial roofing company, we provide clients with different roofing options (agricultural, industrial, and commercial). Our roofing materials include but are not limited to TPO, metal roofs, PVC, and built-up roofs.

Whether you prefer to restore your old roof, replace it, or repair it, WM Roofing has the right solution for you.

WM Roofing uses Conklin roofing products that promise the following benefits that ensure protection for your business for many years:


You may not realize it, but the more energy-efficient your roof is, the longer it will last. The longer your business will benefit from it without paying for another new roof too soon. How so?

When your roof is energy efficient, it can reflect the heat of the sun effectively unlike traditional roofs. Among the things we do to keep your roof energy-efficient is that we apply Conklin reflective white coatings. Application of spray polyurethane foam is another option.

Since your roof will now reflect the sun’s rays instead of retaining it, the result is that your roof doesn’t deteriorate sooner.

Energy Efficiency

This lower temperature effect not only preserves and extends the lifespan of your roof, it also decreases your monthly energy bills. Now you get a higher return on investment.

Strength and durability

Roofs serve as the first line of defense against the sun, rain, snow, and other outdoor elements. Therefore, it’s important that your choice of roofing material can withstand the harshest climates and extremes in temperature.

Know that Conklin commercial roofing products were designed and built based on the best technology today.

Protecting your roof from Mother Nature such as intense heat and cold and storms, you can be sure that you won’t be experiencing leaks, roof tears, ponding, punctures, and other problems that force you into making an early replacement.

3. Good workmanship.

A roofing installation that was done without adherence to the best practices definitely speeds up deterioration. This explains why even if a business owner buys a durable and top-of-the-line roof material, it can still experience problems.

Workmanship is one big factor that impacts how long your roof will last. If a contractor fails to follow specific precautions, hurries up just to get the job done, or misses an important step in the repair or installation process, even the best roofing material will no longer matter.

In the process of choosing among several roofing services, pay attention to these signs that show that a roofing company does good workmanship:

  • Proven track record – Ask your roofer for a list of references. Call these previous clients so you will know if they were satisfied. Also, check a company’s completed projects.
  • Attention to little details – Good workmanship is shown when a contractor watches out for even the tiniest details. From measurements to safety precautions, they make sure that everything is done right.
  • Supervision of the project – Who will be there to facilitate and guide the roofers to repair or install your roof? Someone has to be there to supervise. Having no one to look over the roofers puts your roof at risk.

Miller roofing Ohio never tackles a roofing project without anyone to watch over contractors. We always include a qualified professional, a Conklin Master Contractor, to oversee the progress of a roofing work from start to finish.

4. Reasonable pricing.

When selecting a commercial roofing company, you need to avoid basing your choice on price alone. A lot of times, business owners do this because they want to invest their money in other things they can see and that directly impact their business on a day-to-day basis.

Fly-by-night contractors offer the cheapest bid since they want potential clients to sign a contract immediately. And as we’ve mentioned previously, this very cheap price leads to poorly done work.

Reasonable Pricing

On the other hand, you should also be alarmed with extremely high prices especially if the materials that the roofer uses are of low-quality.

It’s crucial that you only make a final decision after you’ve considered several aspects of a company. Among the things to pay attention to include your choice of commercial roofing materials, ratings and reviews of a contractor, and warranty.

Here at WM Roofing, we provide our potential customers with a written estimate that outlines everything related to their next roofing project. With this written document, you’ll be able to know every detail that will explain why you’re paying for what.

WM Roofing Roofing is here to help you get the best value for your money through reasonable pricing. We know that having a clear idea of what you’re getting matters because again, your roof is a business investment.

5. We place value on customer satisfaction.

Customers are delighted to hire WM Roofing not only once but multiple times because they prioritize customer satisfaction.

Some roofing contractors talk about themselves without really showing any proof of their previous accomplished projects or giving tips and advice on commercial roofing.

If you’re interested to see samples of our work, head over to our Gallery section. For actionable strategies on caring for your roof and finding the best Wooster Ohio roofing company, read our Blog.

Another way we satisfy our current and potential customers is that we provide a free roofing estimate. All you need to do is call us at (330) 275-0088. Speak with us if you need to create a realistic budget for your commercial roofing project.

6. Local presence is a must.

What is a commercial roofing contractor’s reputation in the neighborhood? Do they operate locally, to begin with?

Nowadays, it seems that there is no limit to the number of roofing companies you find. While your first instinct is to choose a contractor with a vast target or that operates out of town, it’s best to go for the local guys.

Local Business

WM Roofing is the best Ohio commercial roofing company. Since we have a local presence, you’ll be able to easily follow up your new roofing project to start your business and enjoy the benefit of referrals.

In case your roof leaks and you need it to be patched as soon as possible because it disrupts your tenants and your daily business operations, you can visit our local office anytime. This easy accessibility and ease of convenience are among the reasons why clients choose us.

We can respond quickly and you don’t have to worry about reaching us when you require emergency repairs and replacements.

7. No disruptions to your business while we work.

Business owners and managers are concerned with disruptions when it comes to roofing installations. Construction noise, debris, and other factors related to the job oftentimes decrease employee productivity and disturb tenants.

Aside from deciding on a good schedule where we can install your roof without making a huge fuss, our flat roofing solutions are easy to install which means minimal noise. Because we come up with a disruption-free plan, you don’t need to worry yourself about decreased productivity and sales while we work.

Over to You

All these benefits hopefully give you good reasons to hire us to get you a quality roofing system. Get in touch with WM Roofing and avoid the hassle of trusting the wrong contractors that let you end up wasting your resources.

Grow a thriving business, regardless of its nature and size, by choosing a trusted roofer.