The Lazy Man’s Guide to Finding the Right Parma Commercial Roofing Services

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Parma Commercial Roofing

Just recently, we spoke with a business owner who ran a local printing service shop in Parma Ohio. Mr. Barton told us that before he chose to work with us, he actually had an extremely difficult time looking for a reliable contractor he can entrust his commercial roof repair to.

His roof had minor leaks and ponding water on its surface. Since he didn’t know the right practices to search for a good roofer, he randomly spoke with any contractor he came across who immediately charged him high prices and asked a huge downpayment.

In addition, Mr. Barton described these contractors as “less attentive” to his roofing problems.

Roofing concerns compel anyone, especially those who own a building and have tenants, to seek commercial roofing Parma Ohio services. And because several roofing services exist nowadays, it is a big challenge for people to end up working with the right one.

To help you avoid roofing scams, and in response to Mr. Barton’s concern, we’ve prepared a list of tips and considerations for you on how to find a trustworthy Parma commercial roofing contractor.

How to Find the Right Commercial Roofing Parma Ohio Company

Spring, fall, and uneventful roofing issues bring business owners to think of hiring commercial roofing contractors.

After all, roofs are a valuable investment in every business endeavor. They work day and night, serving as the first line of defense against weather elements and changing temperatures.

Roof maintenance may not be something you always think about. Remember that since your commercial roof is most vulnerable, its lifespan can be shortened without proper attention. And just because your roof has a warranty doesn’t mean it will be serviced any time without any questions asked.

When it comes to hiring a roof repair Parma Ohio contractor, below are important tips you should follow.

1. Ask for local referrals from friends and family members.

A good way to start searching for a commercial roofing Parma Ohio company is to ask for local referrals. Why choose a local company? Of course, it only makes perfect sense to work with people who are already members of your community.

Local contractors have already built relationships with suppliers. This means that whenever business owners need a roof repair as soon as possible, these Parma commercial roofing contractors will be there complete with all the materials.

Conklin Commercial Roofing Referrals

Also, local guys know the weather in your area. Your neighbors are familiar with them. You’ll know exactly where to find the contractors whenever you’re dealing with an emergency issue such as a huge leak or hole in your roof.

2. Look for social proof online.

Social proof refers to testimonials and reviews created by customers who trust in a business. The more social proof a business has, the more reasons for you to consider them as one of your choices.

Conklin Commercial roofing Feedback

If a prospective commercial roofing Parma Ohio has a website, check whether they have a testimonials page. Businesses with an online presence should ideally have this important page.

Next, look for reviews in other places. The Better Business Bureau is a good site where you can look up customer complaints and ratings. Pay attention to the nature and context of the complaints. Try to understand why a Parma commercial roofing business received such a score.

Local roofing businesses should also claim their Google listings so make sure to check a company by doing a simple Google search. You should easily find customer reviews.

Does your prospective company have a social media page, specifically Facebook? If so, look for reviews and testimonials on their page.

3. Check for licensing and insurance.

One of the things you should ask your contractor is whether they are licensed and insured. Unlicensed and uninsured contractors will do you more harm than good. They put a client at risk whenever accidents happen on the job.

What happens if you hired a contractor that isn’t licensed and insured?

Well, if a commercial roofing Parma Ohio contractor fell off the ladder and sustained a broken arm, the business owner could be held liable for the injury because it happened in his area.

Conklin commercial roofing License

Whether you find a contractor through recommendations or personal research, never forget to check for these two important things. In most cases, unlicensed contractors provide business owners low quotes since they don’t pay for additional expenses.

Put in mind that licensure demonstrates that a person has the level of competence and protection to perform roofing work.

4. Don’t give in to high-pressure sales tactics.

High-pressure sales tactics are part of roofing scams. In fact, they’re a common means of getting business owners to sign a contract on the spot.

It usually goes like this…

Conklin commercial roofing Deal of the Day

A contractor shows up one day, unannounced, and offers you an enticing, exceptionally low rate. They tell you that they’re providing a “special deal.” If you decline their offer, they pressure you into making a deal with them by stating claims that sound too good to be true.

Not all door-to-door salesmen are scams. Representatives of a legitimate commercial roofing Parma Ohio company will always be ready to show you their credentials and proof of their work. They are ready to answer all your questions and concerns.

Most of all, these Parma commercial roofing companies will never force you into signing anything and will even give you more time to get to know them better.

5. Does the contractor offer a personalized solution for your roofing concern?

Roof repair Parma Ohio contractors that have your best interests in mind will help you make an informed choice all throughout.

For example, if you need new coatings for your roof to improve energy efficiency, they will suggest the best options for you depending on your roofing material. If you need to install a new single-ply roof for your new establishment, the contractor will provide you different single-ply systems to choose from.

At the same time, they will consider your budget, the weather in your area, and your roofing goals.

6. What kind of products do they use?

Earlier, we mentioned that local roofing contractors have access to performing brands in the industry. Make sure that you check the brand and quality of the products that your contractor will use on your roof. Is it a trusted brand in the industry? How long has it been around?

As a commercial roofing Parma Ohio contractor, WM Commercial Roofing makes use of only the best Conklin roofing products. The brand has been manufacturing high-quality roofing materials for around 47 years already.

From primers to coatings to spray foam coatings and single-ply membranes, Conklin products ensure your roof long-term protection and durability. Most of all, they’re affordable.

7. Ask if the company will subcontract the work or handle it themselves.

Generally speaking, commercial roofing Parma Ohio companies with employees are better than those that subcontract work. The company you hire must have the right amount of staff to handle your roofing job, not just people with questionable backgrounds.

Conklin commercial roofing Staff

However, if you learn that the roof repair Parma Ohio company will subcontract work, ensure that the subcontractor is licensed and insured. A lot of subcontractors do not have insurance so you’ll want to be sure on this. Also, the subcontractor should be paid by the roofing company.

8. Have everything written down.

Will your contractor of choice provide a written contract and an estimate? Words, smiles, and handshakes cannot assure you that your roofing work will be done according to your expectations.

A written contract, agreement, or estimate clearly specifies everything involved in a commercial roofing project.

The document should contain all important information such as the scope of the work, approximate duration, a breakdown of the materials and cost, and who is responsible for waste disposal. Don’t forget to agree to your payment terms.

As you speak with a contractor, ask, “Will you secure me a written contract with all the details of the roofing job?” Make sure that they will give you the contract on the date you agree on.

Before you sign the contract, remember that not everything may be included. So it’s best that you create a list of all your questions and concerns which can be answered in the contract. Next, be responsible enough to review what has been written down.

9. Never choose a contractor based on price alone.

Price alone is not a surefire indicator that your roofer is the best in town. Again, very cheap bids may indicate that a roofer is not insured and licensed. If it’s an unusually low bid, you’ll want to check on the materials that they use. It might be because they used low-quality materials.

Ohio Conklin commercial roofing Price

On the other hand, storm chasers may charge high prices and ask you to pay a huge down payment.

Consider several factors before you hire a roof repair Parma Ohio contractor. Ask their years of experience, check workmanship and manufacturer warranties, work samples and references, and materials used.

These things will help you know what you’ll be getting based on your payment.


Hopefully, our lazy man’s guide has made the process of finding the best roofer easier for you. With all the right pieces of advice, you can skip headaches and careless mistakes as you go through the selection process.

Since you arrived on this page, you’re in luck. WM Commercial Roofing is here to meet your Parma commercial roofing needs. If you require a new roof today, want your old one replaced, or you simply need to fix an annoying leak, we can help.

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