Why Ignoring Conklin Roofing Systems Will Cost You Time and Money

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Conklin Roofing Systems

Meet Emma. She deals with her real estate clients on a regular basis. On top of that, she manages her local bakery and is extremely busy meeting her customers’ needs.

But Emma has a problem: The roof of her local bakery leaks whenever it rains. Because she didn’t have the time for that seemingly minor problem, she neglected it. Not long enough, those leaks multiplied. Her roofing problems grew. A few months later, Emma’s cooling expenses increased.

If only she paid more attention to her roof.

When people think about facing roof repairs and other roof-related tasks, they feel uncomfortable. They dread dealing with their roof simply because they assume that it’s a waste of effort, time, and money. After all, customers matter more, right?

Wrong. The truth is that neglect is a huge mistake. Instead of saving in business, you’ll be dealing with larger, more complex concerns like soaring energy bills and a hole in your roof. Like any problem in the world, roofing issues grow bigger as time goes by.

If you’re like Emma who needs help with a roof repair, an important step you should take is to choose the best products for your roof.

Consider Conklin Roofing Systems.

What are your reasons to choose this brand? What advantages can you gain?

Read on to find out.

1. Longevity

One of the biggest advantages to choosing Conklin Roofing Systems is longevity. In fact, a lot of roofing systems, regardless of its material, that used Conklin coatings many years ago have survived to this date.

Roofs degrade over time, that’s for sure. Plenty of factors play a role in the aging process of your roof. These include the climate and weather in your area, insulation and ventilation, roof pitch, maintenance, and quality of workmanship.

You want to be sure that you use a roofing coating system from Conklin to apply on your roof. The properties of this coating slow down your roof’s deterioration process so that it becomes stronger and even exceed its average lifespan.

2. Waterproofs your roof to stop leaks

Many property owners are annoyed whenever they call a contractor to stop a leak. Instead of patching the roof only once, their contractor visits their building several times because the leak keeps coming back. Or worse, they’ve multiplied.

Roof Leaks

You just don’t realize it but roofers are more annoyed with leaks than you are. They want nothing more than to fix it only once.

WM Commercial Roofing is a member of Conklin Roofing Systems contractors. We’ve been trained by Conklin to apply their Conklin membrane coating system. This coating system covers your roof like a blanket.

So whether your roof is made of PVC membrane, TPO, metal, or EPDM, the coatings from Conklin Roofing will eliminate this intimidating leak problem. Surely, no business owner wants to bring out a drip bucket each time it rains!

3. A roof replacement isn’t always necessary

Maybe you’ve been making the wrong assumption that you should immediately replace your roof when problems arise.

Well, a roof replacement is a huge expense. This brings a lot of headache to business owners who are at the same time facing business problems that require money. Not to mention, tear offs disturb your daily operations and might even disrupt nearby establishments.

If you never heard of the term “roof restoration,” it’s an excellent alternative to a total replacement. It preserves and prolongs the life of your roof so that you wouldn’t have to tackle a replacement anytime soon.

You can expect your metal roof, tile roof, or any roof material to look brand new and become durable again.

When Conklin Roofing Systems contractors restore your roof, they will do the following:

  • Diagnose any roof problems
  • Clean your roof’s surface
  • Replace broken or damaged parts that can no longer be repaired

Roof Replacement

The last step entails applying a product from Conklin Roofing Systems. You should know that any roofing material is eligible for a restoration. Not only will your commercial roof look fantastic and newly installed, all problems it had in the past are eliminated.

4. Reduces your cooling expenses

Are your energy bills increasing? Energy costs take up a big percentage of your business expenses. There are many reasons why your cooling bills have increased and one reason is your roof.

Let’s assume that your roof is the reason for this energy problem. Your roof might have a dark color which makes it less able to reflect sunlight. Or maybe you did not maintain your roof and this decreased its reflective properties.

If you want to save on those high energy expenses, make your roof reflective. So even if it’s hot outside, your cooling system will not have to work harder because your roof will no longer absorb heat from the sun.

Conklin Roofing Systems offers coating solutions that when applied, make the surface of your roof more reflective. For example, if you have a dark rubber roof, applying an EPDM or rubber coating gives it a white finish to reflect sunlight.

5. Increase in durability

How durable is your roof? Making your roof more resilient to wear and tear and temperature changes is possible with Conklin’s fabric reinforced roofing system.

Our Conklin Roofing Systems contractors will embed this flexible fabric on any roofing material to boost its strength. Even is this reinforced roofing solution is essentially lightweight, it is highly flexible.

This drastically reduces the possibility of splitting and rupturing. Splitting and rupturing contribute to more roofing problems.

6. Better workplace productivity

Noise outside your office is one of the many things that decrease your productivity. Many times, we think that we can do nothing about this problem and just simply hope that noise will go away by itself.

What is there was a roofing solution to reduce or eliminate outside noise? Yes, this is possible through Conklin’s spray polyurethane foam system (abbreviated as SPF).

Spray polyurethane foam system

This SPF system by Conklin Roofing is a high-grade insulation solution that seals off your roof to prevent several problems from arising. It also reduces both cooling and heating costs.

When it comes to helping you work better in your building, this roofing system basically eliminates noise. It reduces the transmission of sound and even air infiltration. An extremely reliable barrier, you don’t have to worry anymore about complaints from your tenants, workers, and even yourself.

Contractors from Conklin Roofing Systems can easily repair or recoat the spray polyurethane foam whenever needed.

7. Minimizes disruptions

Disruptions are a common problem with total roof replacements. This is why property owners plan roof replacements very well if they want to avoid complaints from nearby establishments and risk losing their earnings for a couple of days.

If a roof replacement isn’t completed within the day, a large hole is left right above you. You can just imagine the hassle when it rains.

All these concerns associated with roof replacements can be avoided if you trust us to apply Conklin’s roofing coating solutions. We can fix, clean, and coat your roof in a fast and efficient way. You can continue your day-to-day activities while our contractors work on your roof.

Or for example, if you have a very old flat roof and need a new one, our contractors will apply Conklin’s single-ply membrane roofing on top of your existing roof. No tear-off is needed as we can simply roll out the synthetic rubber sheets and fasten them to your current roof.

8. Environmentally friendly solutions

We know that saving time and money is a major reason to choose Conklin Roofing Systems. Instead of spending a ton of fortune on a metal roof replacement, we can restore it to its original condition.

But what property owners do not know is that Conklin’s products reduce environmental impact. Yes, all these solutions help you save the environment. How?

Environment Friendly

By reducing landfill waste (through roof restoration). Also, you contribute to the reduction in carbon footprint when you lower your air conditioner usage. Our white coatings are the answer to a cooler environment and a better planet.

9. A trusted name in the roofing industry

Many high-profile brand names and companies over the years have chosen Conklin Roofing to protect their building and investment. Among these popular industry leaders include Ford Motor Company and Burger King.

Perhaps this is another reason to choose Conklin’s products over others you may be unsure of and cannot guarantee a longer lifespan for your roof. Again, regardless of your existing roofing material, Conklin has a practical and reasonably priced solution to that.

Should you choose one of our exclusive Conklin products, you can benefit from their warranties. The material warranty can also be extended with each recoat.

Final Thoughts

Each time you ignore a solution that guarantees an extended lifespan for your roof, more savings, durability, and an opportunity to contribute to the environment, you save more time and money.

Conklin Roofing Systems is one of the leading names in the roofing industry. If you need us to inspect your commercial roof, call us today to get a free estimate. Or better yet, check out our website’s list of Conklin Roofing Systems services to help you decide which solution you want for your roof.